Goaliath GB54
Playing like the NBA pros! Your new basketball experience at home!
Goaliath Basketball Hoops
Playing like the NBA pros! Your new basketball experience at home!
The GB54 has a powder-coated steel pole, a 137 x 84 cm backboard and a revolutionary installation design. The GB54 directly installs the pole into the ground and secure with concrete inside the pole for increased stability and ultimate strength. The GB54`s Quick-Play design makes assembly as quick and easy as possible. The basketball hoop comes partially assembled with attached hardware and a pro-style breakaway rim. The spring-activated rim flexes under pressure, like professional-style rims. The breakaway rim also protects the backboard and prevents player injuries. Using an all-steel crank actuator, the basketball hoop is adjusted from the NBA, NCAA and FIBA regulation rim height of 3.05 m to the safety-approved 2.3 m
• In-ground basketball hoop directly installs into ground and secured by concrete inside pole
• Powder-coated steel pole heights adjusts from 2.3 to 3.05 m with all-steel actuator
• 0.79 cm tempered glass backboard
• 76 cm overhang
• 10 x 10 cm two-piece pole
• 137 x 84 cm backboard size

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