Goaliath GoTek 54 Wall
Your flexible and space saving basketball hoop!
Goaliath Basketball Hoops
Your flexible and space saving basketball hoop!
Save space in your driveway with the Goaliath GoTek 54 basketball hoop. The GoTek allows you to mount the basketball goal to a wall outdoors or indoors – perfect for garages, barns, schools, camps, gyms, and more. Including the backboard, rim, nylon net, and wall mount, this basketball hoop comes partially assembled with attached hardware allowing you to assemble your goal in 120 minutes or less. Mounting hardware is not included. The 137 x 84 cm Infinity Edge backboard has edges that wrap around to the back of the backboard as one continuous material for increased rigidity. The spring-activated rim flexes under pressure, similar to professional-style rims. The pro-style breakaway rim also protects the backboard and prevents player injuries. Using an all-steel crank actuator, the basketball hoop is adjusted from the NBA NCAA and FIBA regulation rim height of 3.05 m to the safety-approved 2.3 m
• Includes wall mount, backboard, and rim suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
• Adjustable from 2.3 to 3.05 m with all-steel actuator and lock height adjustment option
• Infinity Edge Backboard: 137 x 84 cm backboard that folds backward for increased rigidity
• Quick Play: Designed with simplified assembly, pre-attached hardware and minimal tools required
• Product is made of powder-coated steel
• 137 x 84 cm backboard size
• 4 mm Polycarbonate Backboard
• 63 cm Overhang

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