Goalrilla GS54C
Goalrilla Kosárlabda Palánkok
Play your favorite game at home! Compact basketball hoop and perfect for your driveway!
The GS54C is the most compact in the Goalrilla line. It's a tough, driveway-worthy in-ground basketball system from top to bottom, through and through. Plus, with the GS54C you get superior visibility and consistent rebounding across the entire glass. The GS54C features a proven design inspired by earlier Goalrilla systems.
• Adjustable height in-ground basketball hoop
• Features a proven design using welded, ultra-wide span arms, and a welded steel board frame
• 137 x 86 cm backboard with 0.95 cm thick tempered glass
• Features one-piece 12.7 x 12.7 cm pole design and 76 cm overhang
• Easy hight adjustment: 2,3 - 3,05 m

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