Goalrilla GS72C
Goalrilla Kosárlabda Palánkok
Play your basketball game at home like in a sport arena! Feel the basketball atmosphere and play with your friends or family!
This pro-style hoop has an unobstructed view and consistent rebound, just like hoops found in sports arenas. Featuring a 183 x 102 cm tempered glass backboard, supported by welded wide-span extension arms and a one-piece 15 x 15 cm steel pole. Just like all Goalrilla goals, the GS72C easily raises and lowers from 2.3 to 3.05 m for basketball for the whole family. A powder coated finish protects the GS72C from the elements.
• Adjustable height in-ground basketball hoop
• Features a proven design using welded, ultra-wide span arms, and a welded steel board frame
• 183 x 102 cm backboard with 0.95 cm thick tempered glass
• Features one-piece 15 x 15 cm pole design and 91 cm overhang
INCLUDES: Anchor Kit, Heavy Weight Flex Rim

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